Implementation of the project "Increasing the competitiveness of SOFTSOUND PIOTR RUSAKOWICZ company through expansion to foreign markets" implemented under the Operational Programme Eastern Poland


Task 1

Elaboration new model business -> documents

Task 2

Preparation product to implementations on markets target 

Part I Developing a detailed brand strategy for implementation in foreign markets with marketing research -> competitiveness base / announcement cancelled

Part II Preparation of the design and visualization of the recording studio -> documents 

Part III Establishing business contacts -> documents 

Task 3

Elaboration brand and product promotion tools -> competitiveness base / announcement resolved 

Task 4

Participation in international fairs in nature Photopia exhibitors Hamburg (2022 year) -> competitiveness base / announcement resolved 

Task 5

Coverage involving acquisition of means permanent in connection with with preparation to internationalization activities -> competitiveness base / announcement resolved 

Task 6

Participation in international fairs in nature exhibitors RemaDays Warsaw - Advertising and print (2022) -> documents / announcement resolved